Talking Consent In Human Pup Play

Consent in human pup playRecently I was invited to participate in a video series on consent in kink, fetish and given my own position human pup play. A huge thanks to Thomas Time for creating this fantastic series of videos.

At Sirius Pup we encourage pups to consider their own views on consent and to also consider the idea of “transaction” as a way to negotiate in pup play.

To quote my Master Jyan Delamotte’s article on Interaction In Human Pup Play

In human pup play we will rely on a form of interaction known as ‘transaction” as the basis for pup play and action. To transact simply means to exchange something. Like any form of negotiation, a transaction in pup play works as a process in which you, or the “other”, offers something, expects something in return, and it is either accepted or rejected. It is very simple.

It’s a very very simple process. To transact means to exchange something.

So as a pup you offer something and you expect something in return.

Your offer is either accepted or rejected, and if it’s rejected you can offer something different.

As you can see the idea of transaction in human pup play can be a fun process. What I love about the process is that it helps ensure that everyone has laid their cards on the table. You’ve said what you want. Your partner has said what they want. There is no mystery. You can relax and go into the play knowing all people’s needs are clarified and that we can do our best to ensure they are met!

Can you see how by transacting you are creating a wonderful space of consent in human pup play? Pretty cool eh!

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha

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