Substance Use In Kink & Human Pup Play

substance use in kink

Hi Pups, today I wanted to talk about the important topic of substance use in kink, fetish and human pup play.

When it comes to kink and fetish play I have to feel safe in knowing that both myself and my partner are connected, able to communicate and we both feel safe. If a person is intoxicated then, from my perspective, the scene is not safe and should not proceed.

Different drugs affect in different ways. Meth and amphetamines can make a person aggressive. Alcohol can make a person disinhibited with reduced awareness of what is happening. Heck even amyl nitrate (poppers) can lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure that has caused a heart attack for some people.

I urge you to consider the role that substances have in your intimate play. Look after yourself, look after your partners.

If you are concerned about your own substance use I urge you to seek help.

Yours in safe, sane, healthy fun.

Gpup Alpha


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