Protocols, Rules & Guidelines In Human Pup Play

Protocols In Human Pup Play

In this video Pup Boss Jyan and Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup Australia are joined by Taylor, Head Pup of VIC-PAH as part of our continuing conversation on human pup play safety.

Last week our topic of discussion was the concept of consent in pup play.
You can see this video here -> Consent In Human Pup Play

Today we talk about the idea of protocols. Simple rules or ideas that help offer human pups and pup trainers structure and boundaries to help make human dog life enjoyable, fun and educational.

This quote from the Sirius Pup page on obedience in human pup play encapsulates much of what is covered in the above video.

Pup play is meant to be enjoyable, you are supposed to be having a good time. However, it is not the sole focus of training and pup activity for a Sirius Pup. Fun is to be had, but there are rules to be obeyed too.

The training offered leads to development of a true pup self, an alternate persona that you can relax in to at any time, finding solace from stress in your life and expression of your primal needs and desires. To achieve that self you need guidance, and that teaching is done by your trainer.

Common pup trainer protocols can include:

  • As an owner you will be responsible as a trainer.
  • You will not cause harm and you will have care for safety and well being of your pups.

Avoid people who don’t have your well being or safety at heart.

Common human pup protocols for when in public:

  • Don’t be disruptive, try to be friendly, engaged and interested.
  • People go to bars or night clubs for a variety of reasons… Not all people are interested in pup play.
  • Generally it’s not ok to be rude, humping legs, bumping into people or barking and growling at people who are not into pup play. This can be very confronting and rude especially if you are outside of the setting of a pup mosh.
  • We recommend before initiating pup play at a bar or club, ask for permission to see if they are pup friendly.
  • Go slowly, don’t be in people’s faces. You don’t need to be that annoying yappy pup.

Protocols at a pup mosh:

  • At a pup mosh feel free to talk with organisers if you have any concerns or worries. They will know best the rules and other pups.
  • The mosh pit is not the place to have a conversation… It breaks people from pup space.  However if you have been hurt or injured you will need to break from pup mode to be able to convey important information in a human way.

Remember that the idea of rules and protocols are there to help ensure that everyone has a good time and a safe time.

Hugs and tugs

Gpup Alpha

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