Giving Your Opinion

Not every conversation you participate in pup has yes or no answers for every question. If that is how someone is speaking to you pup, they are probably seeing you more as a slave than as a human pup. You can learn how to speak up well in this article to correct them of that impression.

As a pup you will naturally want to express your preferences for things, and state your goals and ambitions for human pup play. Of course, on the other side of the hood your master is likely to ask you many questions. Being able to give your opinion in an honest and non hostile way is very important, its the basis of good clear communication in pup play.

How To Give Your Opinion

In the ideal and best world you want to be able to express your opinion as yours (“this is what I think”), and if someone doesn’t agree, then you are okay with that. You are be prepared to discuss your differences, but there’s no demand anyone change their mind. This is a simple and healthy way to be able to give your opinion pup and have it heard.

What can change your mind is learning new information, or considering it from a different point of view. Nobody should have to change their mind just because they think differently, they change their mind because it is better to do so. Wisdom is growing from knowledge, not clinging to an opinion or idea that has outgrown its usefulness or been proven no longer worthwhile holding.

This is the ideal way to be about opinions pup. It is a standard to aim for in yourself and seek out in others. In the meantime, before everyone has achieved that ideal, you can try some steps when giving your opinion. This process will go a long way pup to getting you to an ideal assertive place. You will find you also become a good example for others to follow. The guide points below will help you develop your process to the ideal:

  • always start with a deep breath before you begin speaking your mind pup. Take a relaxed deep breath in, and let it out. It helps to pause and relax, calming your body before you start saying anything at all. You will speak better from a calm place.
  • practice what you say pup. Think about what you want to say to someone before speaking to them. Actually speak the words in your head first before verbalising them, as it gives you a stronger sense of owning what you say. If you want to, rehearse a conversation a day before even. Just remember that the conversation won’t go as you plan, but you are practising what you want to say.
  • if you are not sure of your opinion pup, say so. If you are strongly feeling on your opinion pup, say so. Whatever you speak, have sincerity where possible. Have conviction or own that you are uncertain. You don’t have to firmly believe every opinion you ever give pup. It helps a lot to telegraph your conviction to others. They can know how to treat you words with care.
  • openly entertain other ideas pup. Even if your opinion on something is strong, you lose nothing by letting others state their opinions too. The important thing is to show respect for everyone’s opinions, including your own. By being respectful, you are setting the tone of discussion.
  • speak from the “I” pup when giving your opinions. Always own what you think and believe. Rather than say “some people think” you should say “I think” when stating something. Owning your statements shows confidence. It is honest, and you do well by keeping it simple and not seeming to speak for others.
  • apologise if you talk over someone else’s opinion, but don’t apologise for having one. Harking back to respect earlier pup, you don’t want to waste an apology for simply having an opinion. Respect your own beliefs and ideas as well as other peoples, and don’t apologise for them. You can learn and change your opinion and then apologise for being mistaken in belief later. Seeing someone grow from education and experience earns respect pup.
  • you can and will be wrong pup. Other people are allowed to disagree with you and try to show you the error of your ways. Rather than be pig headed, be pup smart and learn from new things and allow yourself to change your opinion when it is sensible to do so.

Pause and consider pup. A lot of people take it very personally when presented with a different opinion.  Some people are afraid to look wrong, fearing embarrassment. Others are locked into their opinion with a self righteousness, taking an all or nothing approach. You can avoid being caught in these lockjaw discussions pup by taking a moment to consider – is it worth me justifying myself to this other person? It may be, rather than battle for control of the righteous high ground, you are better off stepping back. You can always not justify your opinion, and say it is something that you feel, and you would rather not argue.

There are times to take a stand pup. Obviously you don’t have to give your opinions every single moment of every single conversation. However, when circumstances require it, you should speak up and give your opinion even if nobody asked. Situations where danger is involved are obvious ones. Such as you, and lets hope you don’t ever, need to say “Sir, I don’t think drugging a fellow pup with sedatives without his knowing is acceptable. It shouldn’t happen Sir”. Be a good person and speak up when you must to do the right thing pup.

Stating your opinion is always important pup, and you do yourself a service by trying to do it right for you.

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