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Pup Safe Project: Social

In the social section we will be featuring articles to help increase feelings of confidence and understanding in interactions between pups, pups and masters as well as people who may not have a full understanding of pup play or the human pup community.

We will be adding new articles on a regular basis so please be sure to check back on a regular basis.

  • Solutions To Conflict

    Solutions rather than conflict Sometimes a conflict between pups and others, whether they be other pups of trainers, can seem to have just escalated from a misunderstanding. Knowing some strategies to minimize conflict and avoid a misunderstanding escalating can help prevent aggression being used against you pup. It won’t prevent bullying and intimidation, but you [...]
  • Recognising and Dealing With Aggression

    Recognizing aggression is the the first step Being bullied, facing aggression from others in human pup play scenes is not pleasant. It is not ok. It is not acceptable. While this article will help you understand how aggression works, so you have a better understanding of what is actually happening, do not mistake the purpose [...]
  • What Is Aggressive Speech?

    As a pup, you will be in a situation where you will have people talk to you sometimes as if you were an animal. A kind pat, speaking in a loving tone of voice as you receive affection, makes being treated like animal a pleasure. Yet the reality is there are people who are cruel [...]
  • Boundary Setting In Pup Play

    As a human pup, you place control of what is happening to you into your masters hands. Your owner can do anything he wants to you, he gets everything his way, and enjoys great power over you. This statement above is certainly not true of all human pups, nor is it some kind of expected [...]
  • Just Say No!

    Saying no when you wish to, when you have to, is important. If you cannot say no, you are not in charge of your life. You are a slave, having to do others will. You can be sure that if you take this role, you will be abused. By giving up the power to say [...]
  • Giving Your Opinion

    Not every conversation you participate in pup has yes or no answers for every question. If that is how someone is speaking to you pup, they are probably seeing you more as a slave than as a human pup. You can learn how to speak up well in this article to correct them of that [...]
  • Consent In Human Pup Play

    In this video Pup Boss & Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup Australia are joined by Taylor of VIC-PAH to discuss the important issue of consent in human pup play. Covered topics include: the importance of consent in human puppy play the difference between explicit and implied consent how consent can change over time and situations [...]
  • Protocols, Rules & Guidelines In Human Pup Play

    Protocols In Human Pup Play In this video Pup Boss Jyan and Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup Australia are joined by Taylor, Head Pup of VIC-PAH as part of our continuing conversation on human pup play safety. Last week our topic of discussion was the concept of consent in pup play. You can see this [...]

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