Understanding Syphilis

Human pup play can involve intimate and sometimes sexual contact. For this reason there can be potential exposure to sexual infections such as Syphilis.

The following video highlights the risks of Syphilis and how it can be transmitted.

As noted in the video, Syphilis can be transmitted via skin to skin contact.

Primary Syphilis infection presents with a small flat, often painless, sore. The sore may be on the penis or vagina, however it may be in different places on the body where it can’t be seen such as the anus (bum) or in the mouth.

The best way to be checked for Syphilis is to have a regular sexual health screening that includes a blood test for Syphilis.

It’s best to talk with your family doctor or local sexual health clinic for further information on testing and sexual health screens.
You can click here for your local sexual health clinic.

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