Finding A Kink Friendly Doctor

If you are part of the kink community it can be tough finding a kink friendly doctor.

In the following video Dr George talks about some simple steps on how to find a doctor that you feel safe and comfortable with so you are able to discuss all aspects of your sexual and physical life with.

How To Find A Kink Friendly Doctor

As discussed in the video some key ways to find an open minded doctors includes:

  • Talking with friends and asking if they have a doctor who they feel comfortable with.
  • Looking for local doctors who advertise in the gay and lesbian magazines. While this is not a guarantee a non judgmental doctor it can be a great place to start.
  • Sexual health doctors have normally seen and heard almost everything. While your local sexual clinic may not be able to offer primary care services, they are very likely to know of doctors who are kink friendly.


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