Online Safety In Human Pup Play

online safety in human pup play

Online safety in human pup play

This week has been an interesting week on social media with a handful of pups contacting me concerned after some unusual unsolicited messages and worse, one pup having his personal details outed to his workplace.

At the most benign it is annoying but for one pup it means they were hauled in front of their boss for, as we say in Australia, “tea and biscuits”: a stern talk about lifestyle choices that honestly have nothing to do with their ability to work. I am just thankful they did not lose their job.

These conversations reminded me of a video Pup Boss (Jyan), Tycho (Taylor Cook of VIC-PAH) and I made a year or so ago on this very topic.

Sure it’s a little bit of a dry topic but I do think that protecting your safety online is an important issue.

We all want to be able to enjoy our time on line and yes we have all done some occasional “internet sins” in our time, sure I have gotten annoyed when people don’t get back to me, I’ve woofed at the wrong time, heck I am sure there are a few pics floating around of me I wouldn’t want my Mum to see 😉 .

I hope you are able to video this video in the spirit it was shared, to help increase our safety and comfort as we enjoy our time on the internet.

Of course happy to answer any questions you may have.

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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