Mentorship & Safety In Kink and Human Pup Play

Hey there pups! Today I wanted to talk about the importance of mentorship when it comes to attaining skills in kink and fetish play. With great people come great opportunities to learn and add to your wonderfully kinky existence.

As mentioned in the video there are many skills in kink and fetish that can cause harm. For this reason I urge people to seek out the best people for the job. I didn’t learn how to scuba dive off my next door neighbour, I went to a scuba school. The same goes for fetish play.

Here in my home town I am fortunate to have access to the amazing talent’s of Bee Jay @ Eagle Leather who hosts regular training events. His teaching skills have been invaluable in my learning to be a safe, sane Dom.

In human pup play we have people like my Master Jyan, also known as Pup Boss as well as the wonderful Mistress Liliane Hunt (of The House Of Hunt) , both subject experts in animal role play. Also within our community are people like the amazing Kirk AKA Pup Brue who has been a member of the community since it’s early days. To have been able to sit with him and explore his own pup history was one of my highlights of 2016.

Within the USA pup community there are many exciting events that offer the opportunity to learn and share expert knowledge. One event is CLAW, Cleveland Leather Appreciation Week. This event is amazing with multiple classes held over the event. I was fortunate to attend in 2016 and I’m looking forward to attending again this year.

So pups, there is an abundance to amazing people who are keen to share their knowledge. For the cost of a friendly message and a cup of coffee (or tea Miss Hunt 🙂 ) you can have the chance to speak with people who want the best for you and our community. I urge you to reach out and get to know each other.

Hugs and tugs in safe, sane, play.

Gpup Alpha.

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