HIV & Health In Human Pup Play

In this video Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup Australia talks with Pup Bolt of Watts The Safeword about HIV and health in human pup play.

Tips from this video:

Wound Care:

  • Guide the pup to a place that is quite and private
  • Gently apply pressure to the wound to stop bleeding.
  • If still bleeding after a few minutes, the pup is unwell of the wound appears deep, seek medical attention.
  • Gently clean the area with cool water then apply a dry dressing.

How to Clean Toys:

  • Wash the toy with warm water and antibacterial soap to clear away and faeces or lube
  • When clean, soak the toy in baby bottle disinfectant as per instructions. I use Milton for 15 minutes.

Vaccinations Pups Should Consider:

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Tetanus
  • Flu Vaccine
  • HPV

Of course if you have any questions be sure to ask a gay friendly doctor who will be able to help with any of your questions.

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

Full Transcript Here:

Pup Bolt: You’re really big on the medical scene in Australia, right?

Gpup Alpha: Yeah,

Pup Bolt: You’re a doctor?

Gpup Alpha: Yeah, in Australia I’m a mental health HIV specialist.

Pup Bolt: That’s so convenient. We can talk to you about that.

Gpup Alpha: You sure can. Knock yourself out.

Say, for example, if you are living with HIV and you’re into pup play, that’s fine. There’s actually no impediment to anything. HIV is not … Why would it even …

Pup Bolt: It shouldn’t stigmatize that at all.

Gpup Alpha: I actually really like, and I will happily plug until the cows come home, the Mr. Friendly campaign, and the friendly pup shirt. I think it’s important that we understand within the context of human pup play, that HIV is not … If you’re not having sexual pup play, then it’s really not that big of a deal.

There are a couple of situations. You play rugby, so we all know about the sponge rule … No? You’re a young rugby player. In rugby in Australia, they used to have a bucket and a sponge, and everybody got the same sponge. It was just absolutely gross and a potential vector for virus transmission, probably Hep C more than HIV. Anyway, if you’re in a mosh situation and somebody gets a cut or a graze and you’re a handler, it’s really important just let the pup know … The pup may not be aware. If you’re enjoying yourself and really focused on something, you may not notice if you get cut or you’re bleeding. It’s easy to do. If you’re a handler and you notice that, gently guide the pup out of the arena or the mosh pit or whatever. All people should be treated the same, so in medicine we have what’s called universal precaution, so pop some gloves on so that’s a barrier between potential blood and your skin. Just give the area a clean. Just cool, clean water, clean the area off, and put pressure against where it’s bleeding.

Pup Bolt: This is good.

Gpup Alpha: Bit of pressure against there and it should stop bleeding in a couple of minutes. If it’s still bleeding, if the cut’s really deep, or the patient is unwell, the pup is unwell, the handler, whoever is unwell, then you should go and get it tended to, because it might need a stitch or two. If it stops bleeding and everyone’s happy, then just pop a little bandage over it that covers the area and then when everyone is feeling good, you can go back and have a bit more of a mosh play. Just be aware that there is increased bloodflow in the muscles when you are running around, so the bleeding could be a bit more profuse, but it’s really simple. Pressure will stop the bleeding, give it a clean, cover it up, and you can go ahead. HIV positive, HIV negative. It doesn’t matter. Everyone is treated the same.

Other than that, the other thing is tails as well.

Pup Bolt: Because swapping fluids and [inaudible 00:03:04].

Gpup Alpha: I’m a big fan of fluid bonding with tails, so that means if you have a tail, it’s yours for life, which is a good thing. If there is a chance that a tail could be going into multiple pups, then what you could do is you could put a condom over the bulb part of it. That’s a little bit … What’s the term. I’m just sort of thinking it’s a better option than not doing it.

Pup Bolt: It’s not extreme at all. It’s normal to cover a dildo.

Gpup Alpha: You can put a condom on a dildo if you’re going to be using it in multiple people, but what I like to recommend for people is that to clean a plug or any sort, whether that be a tail or a dildo or whatever, get some antibacterial soap, some warm water, and just gently clean it with warm water. Get all of the poo and bits and stuff off there. Poo happens.

Pup Bolt: Just so you know. Shit happens.

Gpup Alpha: It’s an ass, people. What do you think is going to happen? It’s not fucking bon-bons that come out of there.

Pup Bolt: Well …

Gpup Alpha: Tim Tams. That’s another story.

Pup Bolt: Tim Tams do come out of the butt.

Gpup Alpha: If you put them in there. You clean it with antibacterial soap, but the next step is … In Australia, it’s called Milton, right, but you find it in the aisle where the baby bottles are, and it’s a liquid or a tablet that you put into water that sterilizes baby’s bottles.

Pup Bolt: This is genius.

Gpup Alpha: I have a four liter container that I just fill with water, put the Milton tablet in there, and then put the toys in there. They stay immersed for 15 minutes, and it has a slight chlorine smell. The chlorine will actually kill any viruses, in particular Hep C, HIV, and Hep B. They’re the ones that we should be worried about. By the way, all pups should be immunized. The immunizations that are important for human pup play include a tetanus shot every ten years up until the age of 50.

Pup Bolt: Do it.

Gpup Alpha: Hep A. You should be immunized for Hep A because poo can be involved …

Pup Bolt: That’s just normal gay thing too.

Gpup Alpha: Absolutely. Hep B. You should be vaccinated for Hep B as well. That’s a series of three. They do have to check at the end to see whether you actually responded. Not everybody gets a good response to the vaccine. The big three there.

Clean the toys. If you have a toy that you really enjoy, it’s yours for life. Fluid bonded.

Pup Bolt: I agree.

Gpup Alpha: That’s a tip for you.

Pup Bolt: Just the tip, and the whole toy.

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