GPup Alpha CLAW 2016 Presentation: Human Pup Play, Where To From Here?

Pup Play @ CLAW 2016

This year I have had the absolute pleasure to be able to have presented at CLAW 2016 on the topic of Human Pup Play.

My session covered two distinct aspects. First was a talk written by myself, Gpup Alpha followed by a thought provoking speech writted by my Master Pup Boss, Jyan Delamotte.

I hope you find both of these presentations not only helpful in your pup life but also it is my hope they will make you consider human pup play and animal role play in a new and different light.

Gpup Alpha Talks On Human Pup Play

Gpup Alpha Presents A Speech By PupBoss of Sirius Pup Australia.

Topics covered within both talks:

  • How I was personally introduced to human pup play & animal role play
  • Pup persona development
  • Why people enjoy puppy play
  • Frustrations in puppy play
  • Human Pup Play Safety: knee and paw protection
  • The do’s and don’ts of human pup play toys
  • How to pick a human pup tail
  • How to care for your human pup tail
  • Physical health for human pups
  • Sexual health including testing regimes, PrEP and vaccinations to consider
  • Physical safety
  • Mental health issues and suicide prevention

I agree that some of the topics are heavy, some elements are difficult to hear. I hope you are able to look beyond this discomfort towards a deeper growth and understanding that I hope will you and our community grow and expand as we explore our animal selves.

Hugs and tugs

Gpup Alpha
Alpha Pup @ Sirius Pup Australia

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