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Consent in human pup play

Talking Consent In Human Pup Play

Recently I was invited to participate in a video series on consent in kink, fetish and given my own position human pup play. A huge thanks to Thomas Time for creating this fantastic series of videos. At Sirius Pup we encourage pups to consider their own views on consent and to also consider the idea […]

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online safety in human pup play

Online Safety In Human Pup Play

This week has been an interesting week on social media with a handful of pups contacting me concerned after some unusual unsolicited messages and worse, one pup having his personal details outed to his workplace. At the most benign it is annoying but for one pup it means they were hauled in front of their boss for, […]

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health in human pup play

HIV & Health In Human Pup Play

In this video Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup Australia talks with Pup Bolt of Watts The Safeword about HIV and health in human pup play. Tips from this video: Wound Care: Guide the pup to a place that is quite and private Gently apply pressure to the wound to stop bleeding. If still bleeding after a […]

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